Stonham barns bike night


Last night I rode out (with my friend as pillion) to the weekly bike night at Stonham barns. It is the first time I have been. The weather was perfect, dry, sunny and warm (for the most part). Stonham is a short 15 minute ride from my house. I fuelled up and set off around.


Having never been before I was surprised at the amount of bikes that were there. All different makes, models and ages. I’m guessing that there were well over 100 bikes there. Marshals were on hand to navigate us to the parking area.


The first things I noticed were the sound and glorious smell of all the different bikes. We walked around to look at the vast array of machines there. There were people of all ages there including couples with young families . I was aware of a really good friendly atmosphere ( as there usually is with bikers).


On site was a burger van, the queue was very long so we decided not to eat. There was also an ice cream van and a bar area. We headed to the bar area for a well needed drink. It was warm enough to sit outside and people watch while enjoying our drinks.


After about an hour and a half it started to get dark and a tad cold, so we decided to leave and ride home. I tried to be a good Samaritan and caught up with an unknown biker to let him know his rear light wasn’t working. He either couldn’t hear me or couldn’t understand me because he just gave me a blank look and rode off. Oh well I tried!

Last one

I don’t know for sure if the event will carry on with the new measures being put in place due to covid on Monday. If it does carry on, I would highly recommend that anyone interested attends before the weather changes. Motorbikes and cars are welcome.

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