Why do ladies take so long to get ready?

My adopted sister

Today is the day that I am taking my best mate (and adopted sister) Bec out on the back of my bike.

Good start

She drove over to my flat to pick me up and we headed to http://www.mototechniks.com to buy a crash helmet and some gloves. So far so good.

Available from http://www.mototechniks.com

Next leg

When then rode/drove to Elmsett to drop off her dog to her mums and to get changed. This is where the fun began.

Available from cockapoo breaders

Slow process

Now, putting on the necessary protective bike gear takes a fair amount of time and sometimes requires a little help. Today this process was quite a drawn out affair to say the least.

New gear

Bec unboxed her brand new crash helmet, a short YouTube video later and she managed to put the chin curtain in place. She had her mums old leather jacket, no problem there. Next came the trousers, this was where I lost a large part of my life.

Available from http://www.mototechniks.com


She decided to borrow her dads bike jeans (lined with kevlar). Off she went into her mums bedroom to get changed. I wasn’t present for the event, but I could hear lots of laughing from her mum and sounds of discomfort from Bec herself. She appeared in the lounge and was walking rather awkwardly.

Change of plan

It was decided that the jeans were far to snug and a change was needed. I didn’t really want to have them fling undone on the A12 acting as an ejector seat for her.

I’ll get you on the way back


The second option was to wear her dads textile bike trousers. These were a better fit and I thought we were ready to go. I thought wrong. She did go rather red and start to over heat. Only one thing for it, take the trousers off and remove winter lining.


Fimally the boots were on and we were ready to go. The only remaining challenge was to get all 5′ 2″ of her onto the back of my bike. Not sure how she did it, but off we went.


We rode to Colchester Kawasaki for some lunch and to look at the bikes


I have to say, once we got passed the many hours of getting ready, Bec was an extremely good passenger. I hardly noticed she was there at all.

Thanks for a memorable day.


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  1. This reminds me of a colleague of mine used to say… “you can’t rush perfection” lol.

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