Riding solo


I’m feeling anxious today, nervous for my return to work tomorrow after 4 months off. I needed to do something to clear my head. My therapy of choice was to ride my motorcycle.


Today is the Snetterton round of the British superbikes. The event was not open to the public, but I decided to ride there anyway. The roads on route are lovely for a motorcycle. Today they were very quiet too. Perfect. I parked up close by and listened for a while.


I then rode to Mildenhall to sit outside the air base for a while. I loved going there as a child to watch the air shows with my brother, dad and grandad. Happy times.


I had been riding for quite a while and I was getting hungry. Healthy food was in order to fuel my body. Only one thing for it, a visit to McDonald’s. When I parked, I started talking to a couple of people in the bay next to me. They were asking about my bike.


I’m now home and still feeling anxious about tomorrow, but not as bad as before I went out. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight.

About catmann1973

Hi, I’m Martin. 47 years old, living in Suffolk. I have three amazing grown up children. I have the best family and friends in the world. I am a football fan, love going to the gym and I am a motorcycle pilot. I’ve had mental health problems all of my life. This site is about my past, present and future. I’m hoping to make it easier for people to be able to speak freely about mental health. It can affect anyone at anytime.

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  1. Hey 🙂
    Hope your anxiety’s calmed a little and you have a good day at work today. Sending all good vibes from Norwich x

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