Could it really be that simple?


I had no intention of blogging today. That changed after a message conversation I just had with a friend that I have met through my blog.

Tourist trophy

Towards the end of today’s conversation (which started about fitness), I said I would love to go to the Isle of man TT. The only thing that is stopping me is the fact that I would have to go on a boat. I don’t travel well at sea and the Irish sea is notoriously rough and unpredictable.

The message

Below is the an extract from the message that they sent to me.


I loved the simplicity of the straight forward attitude and I believe that it could be that simple. As I have said before as long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process go after whatever you want. There is always a way as long as you don’t complicate things.


The message not only inspired me to blog, but also I have decided that I will go to the TT. My desire isn’t the boat ride, but to watch the race. There is only one way to get myself and my motorbike there and that is on a boat.


I need to adopt more of this attitude to my whole life. I spend far to much time over thinking and worrying about what could happen rather than just going for it. Although life is the longest thing we ever do, it is over very soon. I am determined to live with memories, not regrets.

Thank you

“F”, you know who you are.

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