A typical day in my life


It’s been a typical day for me so far today. I’m still on the roller coaster of emotions, and see no sign of getting off just yet. I woke riddled with anxiety and fear. My adopted sister video called me and my mind calmed for a while.


I need a routine back, I need to get back to work. My appointment with occupational health is at the end of next week. No matter how I feel, I hope they say I am fit for work. I have been off for far to long. This morning I walked into town to post my sick certificates and then drove to https://www.mototechniks.com just so I could speak to another human in person.


I have to much time on my hands, I’m sure that is half of my problem. Since getting back home all I have done is laid on my bed with waves of anxiety washing over me, constantly overthinking. It’s horrible. I did use one of my self hypnosis audios which helped for a short time.


I’m meeting up with my adopted sister and going to her mum and dad’s for dinner. It will be good to get out of my flat for a while. I hope I sleep tonight.


I’m not living at the minute, purely existing 😔.

About catmann1973

Hi, I’m Martin. 47 years old, living in Suffolk. I have three amazing grown up children. I have the best family and friends in the world. I am a football fan, love going to the gym and I am a motorcycle pilot. I’ve had mental health problems all of my life. This site is about my past, present and future. I’m hoping to make it easier for people to be able to speak freely about mental health. It can affect anyone at anytime.
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