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Yup, thats what I have decided to become. Now you probably think this is a funny time to start an international travel blog with all the travel restrictions in place due to covid, however I have found a niche in the market. It’s genius, I dont know why I didn’t start sooner. Confused? Welcome to the place I call my mind.

So to those of you that follow me in this country probably won’t find my “travel guides” very useful, however to my international followers, they could be a real eye opener. See thats the niche, I don’t have to travel at all, just blog about right where I am. I am therefore only an international travel blogger to my overseas followers. I hope you all find it useful, factual, informative and I’m looking forward to you all visiting England when the world resumes normality.

I’m going to start with my current location Stowmarket or as I like to call it “The centre of the universe”. We have lots of pubs, they are closed at the moment, so not much to say about those. We have the museum of East anglian life, thats currently also closed and I’ve never been in, might be worth a look though. There are some lovely parks, I’ve not visited them yet, but could be something to do I guess. We have the John Peel Centre. I don’t know anything about this place either I’m afraid, oh and its closed at the moment. There are some lovely walks where you can view some amazing graffiti lovingly created by some local spice addicts, its award winning. One final place is Lidl. Now this place is truly worth a visit. I went in for some bread yesterday and came out with a chainsaw, a badminton set and a llama called Alfred. As I don’t have a garden, Alfred is currently sitting next to me on my sofa. Oh, and I forgot the bread.

Next up is the metropolis known as Ipswich, the town of my birth. Ipswich is probably most famous for the murdering of prostitutes. I can tell you want to visit already. Obviously you have all heard this is the home of the premier league football side Ipswich Town, it is still 2001 isn’t I. I would recommend watching a game there or doing a staduin tour. The club is currently closed and you can’t park anywhere near. Not really a problem as the nearest carparks start at just £14 per hour and the walk through the vandalised streets is an eye opener. The main street is lovely, full of charity shops where you can buy someone’s deceased relatives clothes, well not at the moment as they are closed. The night life is amazing, I’d strongly recommend taking an armed guard with you due to the local “gangs”, oh and nothing is open right now. One place that is amazing is the transport museum, I can’t actually tell you anything about it as I have never visited and I don’t know anyone that has, so I’m only guessing it’s amazing.

The last place (for now) is the town I grew up in…….Hadleigh. I’ll keep this one more to the point. There is absolutely nothing to do there at all. Plan a visit and enjoy.

I hope you have all enjoyed my first attempt at international travel blogging. I feel I have portrayed a small part of England in a beautiful way.


What’s On at the John Peel Centre

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