Today I heard an angel

Well it wasn’t actually today, but towards the end of last year.

I woke up on the day in question and fancied going for a ride on my motorbike. It was a bright autumn day. I thought I would ride to Felixstowe and watch the sea. I got up, dressed and headed out. As I was riding along the A14 eastbound I had a change of mind. Although I’d not long passed my bike test, I decided to ride to London.

I’ve driven around London a few times in my car, but not really enjoyed it so god only knows why I wanted to do it on my bike. I rode around the city for an hour or so before parking up and going for a walk. I wasn’t walking to go anywhere or see anything in particular. I ended up on the southbank right near to the London Eye. It was there I heard the voice of an angel.

A very cold looking lady was busking. Although I love music, I don’t normally pay much attention to buskers. This lady was different, she really stood out. She wasn’t actually singing when I first noticed her, but talking. It was her soft voice that caught my ear. I stayed at a distance for a while waiting for her to sing, wow, I’m glad I did.

From memory, she sang her version of Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone you loved”. It was beautiful, I was hooked. I believe she then went on to sing her version of James Arthur’s “Naked”. I must have looked like a wierdo just standing there, probably looking even more gormless than usual. At this point I didn’t have any money on me, so I went to find a cash machine. 

When I returned I had a brave moment and asked if she would dedicate a song to someone very special in my life. She said “of course”, “the next song is sad though” at that time I didn’t realise how the words would later become so true. She sang her version of Freya Ridings “Lost without you” and I recorded it on my phone. As she sang it, it brought tears to my eyes, listening to the recording I have of it still does. I put the money in her collection and left.

This wasn’t the end though. When I got home I searched for her on YouTube to listen to other songs she has performed. She has a range of covers that she has made her own, and original songs too. I can honestly say there isn’t a single one that I don’t like. Please check her out on her YouTube channel

The lady I am talking about is the amazing Anna Bayne. Hopefully when the lockdown eases you will find her singing on the southbank just like I did, or better still someone will sign her up.

Anna Bayne

Anna, you made a positive difference to me that day, and listening to your songs, you still do. Thank you. You are amazing.

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