This is how I feel on diazepam. When I had them before, I was buzzing my tits off, this time its taking all of my effort just to keep my eyes open. I’m only on 2mg three times a day. They are helping to take the edge off of the cyclone in my head.

Yesterday I didnt really get out of bed. I wasn’t just laying there, I was sound asleep. Even when slightly awake I couldn’t tell if I actually was. The trouble is, I didnt wake up feeling refreshed. In fact I had to force myself to get up otherwise I would still be there now.

Today I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 and even that was a struggle. I could have stayed there all day again.

I did have some motivation. I had a twitter conversation with a lady last night in America. She is going to host one of my blogs on her site. I will let you know the details when it is live. Just to pre warn you it is a raw account of a suicide attempt.

Also another lady in Canada is hosting my whole blog site for a month. Again I will let you know when this is live.

Finally my blog is gaining some traction. Hopefully it is helping people

Please don’t forget to like and share my site. Stay strong. Martin

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Hi, I’m Martin. 47 years old, living in Suffolk. I have three amazing grown up children. I have the best family and friends in the world. I am a football fan, love going to the gym and I am a motorcycle pilot. I’ve had mental health problems all of my life. This site is about my past, present and future. I’m hoping to make it easier for people to be able to speak freely about mental health. It can affect anyone at anytime.
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