Cheese and onion pie

I didn’t know such a thing existed, well not made by the all-time classic pie makers, fray bentos anyway.

Now, I do like a good pie and fray bentos pies are awesome. So easy to cook. Just open the top of the tin with a sturdy tin opener and throw it in a pre heated oven (the pie not the tin opener) for 25 minutes…….boom perfectly cooked pie!! See, I can cook.

I remember my mum keeping the tins afterwards to use for other cooking, I will do the same. I may even try to cook my tin opener in one.

Anyway, I was given (amongst other culinary items) two of the affore mentioned pies by my good friends (The Masons). No, not the weird handshake get away with murder Masons, but my lifelong friend Paul and his wife Maxine.

It was around 10pm last night, I was in bed and I had a visitor to my flat. It was my dear old friend, hunger. I layed there for a while debating what would satisfy my need and decided it would be the perfect time to cook one the pies. I mean you wouldn’t want to cook at any other time right?

I cooked the pie and to save washing up I ate it out of the tin (although I washed the tin up to reuse). I only burned my mouth four or five times because I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to let it cool down.

Now as I said, it was a cheese and onion pie, I was fully aware of this but it didn’t stop me from being slightly confused. With every mouthful I was thinking, “there isn’t much meat in this” I even kept reading the side of the tin CHEESE AND ONION. What an idiot. I guess I was just following on from the whole coffee in the frying pan incident from earlier!!

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