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So here I am standing in the queue to do my shopping at Tesco. Every single person including me, is on their mobile phone. There must be at least 40 people in front of me. I wonder what they are all looking at? Me, I’m blogging about them, and they have no idea. I’m guessing half of them are looking at social media, wondering how their lives are so shite compared to the overly filtered fake book and twatter etc. As for the others, they are possibly browsing online to by something else they don’t need, but are getting anyway to fill a temporary need. One man is on a phone call, I now know his password to his online banking. Some are frantically texting, maybe in the middle of an argument. We all rely on this technology, but do we really need it?

We’ve all been on a night out, or out for a meal and one person is glued to their phone, having to stop every two minutes for yet another picture or dreaded selfie.

Just looked up and seen one lady actually not on her phone, what is wrong with her, weirdo. To be fair to her, she is the happiest looking out of all of us. She is the only one that is actually living right here in the moment. I’m hoping the queue will slow down so I can finish this.

Someone in front of me is now on a call, it’s her friends birthday. Myself and at least 10 other people are now aware of this. I hope she enjoys her day looking at all the birthday messages on her phone. Its not as if she can go out unless she would like to join us all in the queue.

There has been accident now! The lady three in front of me has walked straight into the man in front of her! She should have used her selfie stick to maintain the two meter gap.

Well, I’m nearly in the shop now unfortunately. Obviously I’m posting this online

Enjoy your phones!!

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