Family memories

Here are just a few of the funnier memories I have of my children (kids please don’t hate me)

So let me start with my youngest, Lauren. She was very young, probably about 2 years old. The incident happened in the dining room of our old house. She was walking towards the patio doors and tripped over. Now instead of putting her hands out to stop herself, she simply stuck out her tongue. Her mum and I stood back and watched in amazement as she slowly slid down the glass of the door leaving a wet streak as she went. We did help her get back up although I think we were crying with laughter at the time. I only wish I had been the other side of the door to film it. (Sorry Lauren).

Next up is Elise. Now I do feel responsible and sorry for this incident. Elise (Ellie) was about 6 at the time. We were at Southend for the day. As we walked past a shellfish stall I stopped to buy some jellied eels. Ellie heard me ask for them and wanted some too. I didn’t question her decision, I just bought her a pot. As she started to eat them, her face screwed up. The poor girl thought I had said “jelly deals” and was expecting a tub of sweets. To be fair to her, she did eat half of them.

Next is my son, Curtis. There have been many funny moments with this one. The one that sticks in my memory the most is when we were visiting my mum. The film titanic was on the television and he loved that film at the time. In fact he loved it so much, he almost knew it word for word. Unfortunately this included all of the swear words. He was only about 6 at the time. I couldn’t tell him off because I was laughing so much. To make matters worse, my poor mum was discusted with me for not stopping him. This only made me laugh more.

Finally is an incident when all 3 of my babies were with me. It was me this time that had the unfortunate event. We were on holiday at the time, on a caravan park in Kent. We went to the club house to watch the evening entertainment. This was only a few years ago and curtis was old enough to drink. We all sat at the table watching the entertainment. Curt and I were sharing a pitcher of beer. When we had finished it, he came to the bar with me to get another one and some drinks for the girls and Jenny (my partner at the time). The bar was very busy and we had to wait to be served. As we stood waiting I noticed the metal bar that was about 6 inches off of the floor at the bottom of the bar. This is the bar that you would rest your feet on if you were sitting on a bar stool. I said to Curt “I reckon I can hook my feet under that and lean back and support myself”. Curt has the same “go on then” attitude as I do (in fact Ellie and Lauren do too). So he said “go for it”. I was full of confidence. I trained in the gym 5 days a week at the time. My legs and ankles were stronger than they had ever been. I hooked both my feet under the bar and leaned back. Well, it didn’t quite go as planned and I fell straight back onto the floor. Im not sure how I missed everyone standing there. I can only liken the incident to del boy falling through the bar in only fools and horses. I got straight up and the bar maid was standing there waiting to take my order. I couldn’t speak as I was laughing to much. Curt was no good either for the same reason. We finally pulled ourselves together, got the drinks and went back to the table. Again we couldn’t tell the girls what had happened for ages because we were laughing so much. Only me hey!

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