So as I said before when I was ill last time I spent hours in nutshells tea room reading endless books. It was part of my recovery and therapy. I can’t do that currently, but yesterday I had the best therapy session ever. It was a dream come true. Obviously because it was me, it wasn’t straightforward.

I got the chance to ride the bike of my dreams. A yamaha R1!!! This is an absolute beast of a machine more suited to the race track rather than the road (in my opinion). Now I’m far to old to be able to throw my leg over and cling onto one of these for to long, but an hour test ride was amazing.

It all started off so well. I put on my leathers and went to mototechniks on my current bike. I met Neil there (salesman and friend). I filled out all the necessary paperwork, insurance forms, life insurance, apology letter to the authorities, letters to anyone that knows me, my funeral plan etc. All just incase. The trade plate was attached to the bike and off I went. All good so far. For those that don’t know a trade plate is used by bike, car and lorry dealers to show the vehicle is taxed by them to be used for test ride/drives. It fits over the number plate.

I did briefly stop to show my friend and my brother/sister in law before going off for the proper test ride. Riding through town and at slow speed was painful on my wrists, but at speed it was far more comfortable. I went along some lovely twisty roads and along the A14. I loved it. It was fast, very fast. Obviously I stuck to all the speed limits officer. So far so good still.

On returning to the bike shop, I went in to speak to Neil. He looked relieved to see me and the bike were still in one piece. The first question he asked was “how did you get on?”. Before I could answer, his second question came “where is the trade plate?”……… bugger, it must have fallen off somewhere on route.

Without hesitation I jumped onto my bike to retrace my route and hopefully find it. I rode slowly round, but couldn’t see it anywhere. I went back to the shop to rest for a while. This was the most physical activity I had done in weeks.

I set off for the second time, determined to find it. As I rode along the A140, I thought I saw it on the embankment. So I pulled over at the next safe place. This happened to be a farm driveway. I stopped my bike and got off. As I stepped back, I disappeared. What I didn’t see was the bramble filled ditch, but don’t worry, I found it easily. There I was up to my waist in a ditch and panicking to get out before anyone saw me. I’m so glad I had my full gear on including a black visor so if anyone did see, they hopefully wouldn’t recognise me. To make things worse after a quarter mile walk to look at what I thought was the trade plate, it turned out to just be a piece of plastic!! At least I tried.

I returned to the shop, battled scared and embarrassed. I felt bad for the plate coming off. As I have said before, everyone is amazing at mototechniks cannot thank them enough for letting me take the bike out. Sorry about the trade plate! This bike and many other new and used bikes are available at the shop.

Apart from the incidents, it really helped to lift my mood yesterday if only for a short while. I will push myself to go out more and reconnect with the world.

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